You’re no longer just going for a run, a walk, a ride; you’re working towards conquering your fitness goal.

Reinforce your motivation for running, walking, or any exercise by taking one of our virtual fitness challenges. Join any challenge that suits you, either individually or in teams. Then, use your favorite fitness apps while running, walking, cycling, or gardening to our award-winning mobile app.

You can track all your miles (km’s) directly in our mobile apps (iOS and Android). Activity data is automatically synced from your mobile device, fitness tracker, connected equipment, or smartwatch.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enter a distance towards the challenge?
Automatically – Via the range of apps and devices that we connect with. Currently we support: Apple Watch, Apple Health, Google Fit, Garmin, and Fitbit.
What's stopping someone from cheating?
We do have a number of ways that we can detect cheaters, however we do realize that no matter what we do or how we structure it people are always going to be able to cheat if that’s what they want to do. (eg. Put their Fitbit on their dog)!

There are no prizes for first place.

If someone wants to cheat then they are only really cheating themselves and wasting their money.
How long does it take to complete the full distance?
The amount of time it will take you or your team to complete this journey depends on your fitness level, exercise type and team size.
When can I register for the challenge?
You can start this fitness challenge any time and from any location around the world. Registrations are open now so feel free to sign up and make a start.
Can I enter multiple challenges at once?
Yes - You can enter as many challenges as you'd like and post your distances to each of the challenges. You can either post all your distances to all of your challenges or you can decide which types of distances go to which challenges (eg. you might want to send your walking distances to one challenge and your cycling or swimming distances to another challenge. It's completely up to you).
What types of exercise count?
You can log most types of distance-based exercise such as running, walking, cycling, swimming, rowing etc. For other non distance-based exercise, such as yoga or cross fit, we have a handy conversion chart that converts time doing these activities into distance equivalents that you can use.
Can I log multiple exercise types?
Yes - You can log any distance based exercise that you do. The common ones that we have icons for are:

Running (indoor and outdoor)
Cycling (indoor and outdoor)

All others can be logged to the “other” category.

We also convert calories burned into distances such as weightlifting. We can provide information on some ways to do this.
From which countries do you accept entries?
We warmly welcome entries from all over the world and we offer global shipping on medals and apparel.

On average we have people from over 80 countries from around the world enter our challenges each month!

Join our global community of virtual fitness enthusiasts!
How do I access the challenge once I've signed up?
When you sign up for the challenge you will automatically be set up with an account where you can log in and access the challenge.
How much does it cost to enter?
Some challenges are free and other have a fee.