Allow your club to maximize revenue potentials without the hassle. The VeriTap™ device eliminates the burden of validating eligibility, seamless entry, and communication of specific program features to visitors.

VeriTap™ check-in application for IOS and Android offers you a system able to record events, like members' arrivals and departures quickly. The Concierge mobile check-in application provides comfortable, simple, yet reliable recordings of events necessary for creating accurate attendance sheets.
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Payment Tracking

Your reimbursements are no longer a guess with Concierge Health's suite of tools.

Questions and Answers

Is there a cost for the device?
No, there is no cost for the VeriTap device.
Is there any operational reporting needs for studio location operators?
No, the VeriTap device collects and reports all member check-in information to program for members.
Does the VeriTap device require a power source or operate off a battery?
No, there isn't a battery that it operates off of so there is no need to worry about the battery stopping working or needing to plug it into a power source.
Does the device need to be connected to WiFi to work? 
No, the VeriTap device operates without the need for a WiFi connection.
Are members required to utilize a mobile?
Yes, they are instructed by the program of their choice. We will also provide collaterals to be displayed by device for added reinforcement of the instructions.
Are members required to still check-in through MMS check-in?
Yes, they are to continue to follow your required operational procedures.
Can the device be utilized for other program check-ins?
Yes, data collection can be done for other programs. There may be an additional charge for other insurance programs.
How will outdoor classes be tracked and qualified?
If you perform outdoor classes, you'd be able to bring your device to that location to record check-ins.
Can the client check in outside the studio (or must they physically be in the studio to ensure their class is completed/tracked)?
When the device is within the studio walls, the client will be required to be within inches of the device, ensuring they have entered the facility to take the class (with outdoor classes, the instructor can hold the device which would require the client to walk up to them, again ensuring they participate in the class).
How long after class will it show up as completed?
The VeriTap device collects and records the check-in in real time and will show up in your admin tracking portal immediately.
How can I find out which members in my studio are insurance members?
The admin tracking portal will track members that come to your studio that are part of Go365 (and at any time, other programs you enroll with to utilize your VeriTap device to record and process data for).