Better insights, better decisions.

Health engagement solutions that drives member activation to reduce healthcare costs, improve outcomes and enhance member experience.


Allow your club to maximize revenue potentials without the hassle. The Concierge+™ device eliminates the burden of validating eligibility, seamless entry, and communication of specific program features to visitors.

Eligibility status.

All eligibility transactions within Concierge provide up-to-date information in real-time from major insurance carriers. See precisely how eligibility relates to each member. Concierge maintains a very accurate account of each member eligibility and the cost basis.

Track all details.

Concierge has proprietary integrations with fitness clubs, health insurance, life insurance as well as connected equipment manufactures (Matrix, Precor, and Life Fitness).

Digital tracking.

Concierge has  integrations with digital asset companies to connect ehome based companies (Echelon Fitness, and Fitness On Demand) to insurance carriers.