"Wellness Your Way"

We help people attain their highest possible level of mental, physical, and social well-being through guidance and motivation.

Employee Wellness
Virtual Challenges
Fitness Reimbursement
Create a virtual event or charity walk to get people moving together, no matter where they are. With our simple setup, you can be race-ready in less than one week.
Promote physical activity, boost culture, and educate your employees on key health actions with the Concierge Health platform.
Enhance member experience and simplify your entry, reducing traffic at your front desk, automate the validation, collection, and reporting to 3rd party programs.

Progress Looks Different for Everyone

Gain complete transparency into your wellness journey with real-time analytics and timely alerts to ensure that no goal is left behind.

Activity- looks at real-time data to help us guide you along your wellness journey and inform you on how you're progressing toward your wellness goals.

With information gathered from your individual profile, including biometric stats, goals, informational responses and behavioral habits, we assess your needs and goals to guide you to the appropriate intervention for your personal and individualized success. In addition, we can help you determine what insurance/rewards/benefits programs for which you are eligible and securely connect your data to those programs to help you receive your maximum incentive.

Connections- allows you to aggregate data from ALL of your devices.

We know one device isn't made for everyone. We've integrated with the leading providers, covering 90% of the consumer wearable device market. We are also the ONLY platform that connects with home devices like bikes, treadmills, rowers, strength equipment and more. The more we can track your activity through wearables- whether at home, outside or in a gym- the more rewards and incentives you may be able to accumulate towards your eligible rewards/benefit programs!

Challenges- gain a sense of community or simply join a challenge for self-motivation.

We provide you with new and exciting opportunities to stay healthy and challenged while earning rewards, directly from Concierge Health. Sign up for the Machu Picchu Challenge or journey through Cairo to gain that amazing feeling of accomplishment, either as a challenge with friends or as your own personal goal. Completing a virtual challenge is always a great way to get out and earn a physical medal of accomplishment, through Concierge Health.  In addition, participating in brand-specific challenges from one of our network partners connects you with others within communities where you work, live, and stay active. Learn More

Backed by an amazing support team

Your wellness is as strong as your team. Connect and build your team and work together to meet your goals.

Check-in- provides you with contactless location entry.

With the tap of your SmartPhone on our proprietary VeriTap device (at participating locations), your check-in is seamlessly recorded in real time. That same tap on our VeriTap device will ensure your information is validated, collected, and reported to 3rd party programs that you've enabled.  Learn More

Communication Sessions

We are taking video conferencing to the next level. Any certified professional can use our video platform for telemedicine, training sessions, counseling, and more. Start with an introductory chat session to diagnose problems, request payment for your service, and switch over to a private video session. Next, have your patient connect a wearable device to stream vitals in real-time.

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One device, multiple programs, real-time
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Enhance member experiences and simplify entry into your location, reducing traffic at your front desk and automating the validation, collection, and reporting to 3rd party programs.

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Corporate Benefits

Improve culture by engaging both in-office and remote employees.
Hit your stride and get fit as a team or a individual.
Save time, energy, and money on program administration.
Activity and engagement insight reporting with data exporting.
Support participants' personal wearables or get bulk pricing.
Customizable programs based on team size and goals.

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