Concierge Health Upgrades Platform to Expand Program Member Check-In Experience

Concierge Health Upgrades Platform to Expand Program Member Check-In Experience

Oct 6, 2022

LAS VEGAS , Oct. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Concierge Health today announced the integration of its services from their original GymFarm platform, with an innovative update, to allow for a variety of methods for Program Member Check-ins, fitting with the needs of Members without the loss of benefits to Locations. 

The integration of services into the Concierge Health platform enables data to move both to and from Member Management Systems, providing the ability for each Program member to check in through either the Concierge Health proprietary VeriTap device or the traditional check-in method, without losing the ability to instantly verify eligibility, create accurate reports, and provide timely payments to Locations. 

“Our goal has always been to provide a game-changing solution for Locations managing Programs,” said Matthew Schober, Co-Founder of Concierge Health. “We know that the power of these new tools will help improve a Location’s ability to save time and earn more revenue.”

Collaborating with customers and developing new solutions through ongoing feedback enabled Concierge Health to ensure that this solution was customer and experience-first. It’s no secret-Locations need a variety of methods to support their members and provide a seamless experience, while enhancing their ability to operate the Programs efficiently and effectively. Through this integration implementation, Concierge Health is pioneering new tools to help accomplish this aim. 

This innovation signals the start to a line-up of enhancements planned for Concierge Health throughout the end of 4th quarter 2022 and into 2023. “With this evolution of the platform, we are positioned to provide best-in-class experiences and functionalities, helping Locations around the Globe,” Schober added.

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